Bus HVAC energy consumption test method based on HVAC unit
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Bus HVAC energy consumption test method based on HVAC unit

Ngfcm, Astileu, Bihor, Romania Data publicari: Septembrie 15, 2021

Also, an experimental setup is installed on a truck air conditioner to turn it into the ejector air conditioning system to validate theoretical results with the experimental study. - Highlights: • Determination of two-phase ejector dimensions of a bus air-conditioning system. • Thermodynamic analysis of the two-phase ejector cooling system. • Experimental study on a midibus air conditioner using two-phase ejector.A novel strategy for automatic control of the bus ac parts was developed based on numerous experimental test runs at various operating conditions, taking into account energy saving and thermal comfort without sacrificing the proper cycling rate of the system compressor. This paper presents a test method for determination of energy consumption of bus HVAC units. The energy consumption corresponds to a bus engine fuel consumption increase during the bus hvac parts operation period. 

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